Lewis, Whyn

3. September 2013 - 8:37

Wishing © Whyn Lewis


Neben Hasen, Füchsen, Rehen und Vögeln malt Whyn Lewis mit einer an Besessenheit grenzenden Leidenschaft Windhunde.

       As well as by subject, Whyn’s paintings tend to be recognisable by the strong and highly detailed forms of animals drawn against plain, layered background colours. She uses the shapes and symbolism of the animals as narrative, sometimes introducing clues in the form of small jewel-like objects hanging from the subjects’ collars. (Zitat von Whyns Homepage)


© Whyn Lewis

Dogdays © Whyn Lewis

Calling © Whyn Lewis

The Therapist © Whyn Lewis

Sleep © Whyn Lewis

© Whyn Lewis

Bound © Whyn Lewis

Hunters © Whyn Lewis

Crossed purposes © Whyn Lewis

See me see you © Whyn Lewis

Black Eyed Dog © Whyn Lewis

Rejoiced © Whyn Lewis


Whyn Lewis wurde 1973 in Edinburgh geboren, schloss 1995 ihr Studium an der Glasgow School of Art ab und stellte bisher in Schottland, England und den USA aus.

alle Arbeiten © Whyn Lewis